Building staff capacity to provide effective practice with our children, youth, and families is an everyday priority for our communities. The Center for Tribes builds on the strengths of tribal community helping to improve skills, abilities, and  resources in meeting the unique needs of a tribe in the areas of:

  • Permanency
  • Customary adoption
  • Child and adolescent development
  • Transitional services
  • Working with LGBT youth

Together we collaborate on developing competencies, access to information/knowledge, and sharing from a range of activities that will enhance capacity towards the creation of a sustainable and effective programming that honors and respects our tribal communities.

How To Prepare For A Family Assessment

For those working with families, every assessment can have a powerful impact on a person’s life. It is important to be self-aware, intentional about engaging with families, and to use the information collected to make informed decisions. This two-page resource offers brief guidance for those in the field and helpful reminders for each of these areas.


Sex Trafficking Resources

Sex Trafficking Resource List

The Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act, Public Law (P.L. 113-183) was signed into law on September 29, 2014. The law amends the Title IV-E foster care program to address trafficking, limits another planned permanency living arrangement (APPLA) as a plan for youth, and reauthorizes and amends Family Connections Grants and the Adoption Incentives Program. This document provides targeted resources for Tribal Child Welfare related to sex trafficking.

Customary Adoption

Customary Adoption Resource List

In Indian Country, customary adoption is a traditional alternative to standard adoption practice and a more appropriate permanency placement for Native Children. Customary adoption allows children to be adopted without requiring a termination of parental rights. This practice exercises tribal sovereignty and helps to maintain family connections. This resource list provides targeted customary adoption resources for Tribal Child Welfare.

Resources for Fathers

Engaging and Supporting Native Fathers

We've compiled targeted resources for Tribal Child Welfare Agencies focused on engaging and supporting fathers in this handy one-page document. 



This area is currently for staff and consultants. Thank you.