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The Capacity Building Center for Tribes designs and delivers tools and resources for tribal child welfare professionals. Our hope is that they are helpful in determining how best to support tribal communities and meet their unique needs.


Strengthening Families

Recognizing and respecting the sovereignty of tribal nations to design and improve the ways in which they support their children and families, these resources are intended to help tribes build upon their strengths while enhancing their agency and staff capacity.


Relationships among tribal, federal, and state governments have been complicated and sometimes very challenging – both historically and in the present day. We envision improved relationships that honor tribal self-determination, improved child and family well-being, and strong tribal programs.


The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) is a federal law that states are required to comply with. When tribal leaders and child welfare professionals hold a strong understanding of their ICWA rights and responsibilities they can help ensure compliance, protect their communities, and protect tribal sovereignty.

Trafficking Prevention

This user-friendly toolkit provides the tools tribal child welfare agencies need to be responsive to Sex Trafficking PL113-183 in their community. It allows for tribal child welfare agencies to tailor their responses to their specific needs.

Data and Evaluation

Data is a key resource but one that can sometimes be challenging to navigate. Tribal programs can use these tools to consider ways to use data and technology to develop informative systems that help their communities thrive.

Trauma and Healing

Acknowledging that empowerment and solutions come from within tribal communities, we aim to share resources that value traditional knowledge and help individuals, families, communities and organizations as they journey toward healing and wellness.

Title IV-B and Title IV-E

Title IV-B and Title IV-E of the Social Security Act provide federal funding and reimbursements that can help tribes enhance their child welfare service capacity. These tools can help inform tribal leaders and staff as they explore these options.

Professional Development

Continuing professional development is critical for staff to be most effective in their roles. These tools and training materials designed specifically for tribal child welfare professionals can help.

Systems and Organizations

 Leaders of tribal child welfare programs need tools and resources to support their work with their partners and community to plan, build, and sustain their vision for the future.

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