Introduction: “Last year, President Barack Obama launched a nationwide initiative to lift up the lives of Native youth in America, who, for too long, have gone unrecognized for their incredible talents and strengths. The Generation Indigenous (Gen-I) initiative seeks to shine a spotlight on Native youth who often grapple with challenges more severe than their non-Native peers, but who also refuse to be defined by statistics or stereotypes. Through Gen-I, many Native youth across the country are embodying the positive change they want to see in their communities, whether by mentoring others, learning their Native languages, or by serving on youth councils. In doing so, they contribute to what makes America such a rich and diverse country. The Administration is proud to stand behind Native youth by advancing new policies, increasing program resources, and providing new opportunities for engagement. This report provides an update on the progress made under Gen-I and how Gen-I will continue to move forward fueled by the strength and resilience of Native youth across the country.”

Author: Executive Office of the President of the United States
Date: 2015