The Children’s Bureau produced this Guide to an AFCARS Assessment Review to provide guidance to title IV-E agency child welfare program and technology staff regarding the AFCARS Assessment Review process. Revisions in this edition are based on the Children’s Bureau’s experience in conducting AFCARS Assessment Reviews since the Guide was first issued in April 2002. This edition was also modified to incorporate changes made by the publication of the Interim Final Rule (IFR)1 that implemented statutory provisions related to the Tribal title IV-E program. While the Guide is designed to provide guidance on an AFCARS Assessment Review, its contents is also helpful for those developing new information systems or other processes to collect the AFCARS data. It can be used as a technical assistance document that title IV-E agencies can use with their information technology staff or contractors. We encourage all agencies to use the information in the Guide as well as in the Appendices as a self-assessment tool and to support the development of the business requirements for developing an AFCARS data collection methodology.

Author: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Date: December 2012