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This library contains over 200 articles and resources relevant to tribal child welfare, gathered from a wide variety of sources. It also includes all of the products developed by the Capacity Building Center for Tribes that you see featured on this website. We hope you find what you need!

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Focusing on suicide prevention of Alaska Natives, this group, named for the Yup’ik word meaning “bright light”, worked on a public awareness campaign in members communities throughout the state. Helping communities bring healing and build leadership...

Culture is Prevention

“When we are experiencing and interacting with culture, we are doing more than just putting smiles on our faces, we are changing our chemistry and strengthening our protective factors that have both immediate and long-term effects. Leading this call were our friends...

Culture is PreventION

“This webinar will focus on the resilience and strengths of tribal communities through the use of culture. A brief look at historical trauma, cultural protective factors, and evidence-based factors will be discussed. Grantees will share their knowledge on how...

Culture is Prevention

“Cultural values are the threads that tie one tribe’s or village’s practices to other Indigenous practices; they are also the links between the past and the present. They align with what the research tells us works in prevention.”