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This library contains over 200 articles and resources relevant to tribal child welfare, gathered from a wide variety of sources. It also includes all of the products developed by the Capacity Building Center for Tribes that you see featured on this website. We hope you find what you need!

Materials here not created by the Capacity Building Center for Tribes are for reference and not necessarily endorsed by the Children’s Bureau.

Trauma and Resiliency

Recognizing the impact of trauma on children, families, and professionals within the local tribal community context is an important piece of the trauma-informed and trauma-resilient puzzle. It is an ongoing relationship-building process to recognize and identify the...

Lakota Worldview: The Interrupted Journey

“Lakota Worldview: The Interrupted Journey” describes the four stages of life recognized in the Lakota community and what happens when imbalance and disruptions happen in each stage from childhood through returning to the spirit world.