Research Protocols

Human and Cultural Research Code (Colorado River Indian Tribe) – A 13-page research code to preserve and protect the unique and distinctive languages, cultures, and traditions of the tribe

Human Research Code (Navajo Nation) – An 11-page human subjects research code to set forth the conditions under which investigators, physicians, researchers and others may perform research activities on living human subjects within the territorial jurisdiction of the tribal nation

Procedures for Research Activity and Recording (San Carlos Apache) – A 3-page document to establish research activity and recording protocols and protections for their traditional culture

Protocol for Research, Publication, and Recordings (Hopi Nation) – A 3-page protocol for research, publication, and recordings including motion, visual, sound, multimedia, and other mechanical devices

Research Code (Ho Chunk Nation) – A 7-page Tribal Research Code to define the tribe’s research policies, and to establish a means by which tribal research policies will be administered by the tribe’s Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Research Protections Tribal Code (Pascua Yaqui Tribe) – A 14-page research and research protections regulator code to protect the people, culture and natural resources of the tribe and the tribe’s future generations from unauthorized research