Center Staff

Maria Alidio, Tribal Law and Policy Institute
CBCT Administrative Manager

 Maria Alidio joined the Tribal Law and Policy Institute in 2009, bringing over 25 years of office administrative experience. Maria also proudly served 10 years in the U.S. Naval Reserve under the Commander Naval Forces Korea Headquarters as a Yeoman 2nd Class Petty Officer.  Maria manages all administrative and logistical program functions. Maria works out of the Las Vegas office and enjoys her home with her wife Margaret and two kids (dogs) Zoey and Lucy.




Julie Atkins, University of Southern Maine
USM Project Director

Julie Atkins is the Project Director overseeing the development of the Center for Tribes’ universal and constituency products at the University of Southern Maine. Julie works with States and Tribes across the country on effective implementation and the use of data to improve outcomes. She is excited to help make relevant resources easily accessible to our audience.




Angie Bordeaux, University of Southern Maine
Angie Bordeaux uses her creative talents to design products, presentations and other useful materials for Tribes and States. She enjoys creating resources that are visually pleasing, innovative and informative. Angie spends her time outside of work running her own photography and design business and playing with her beautiful family in rural Southern Maine.  



Adam Bowman, University of Southern Maine
Database Specialist

Adam Bowman is currently a Senior Database Design and Web Coordinator at the Muskie School.  He has been creating websites and databases for the Muskie School for over ten years.  Adam is recognized for his strong coding skills in many different programming languages, libraries, and frameworks.





 Penthea Burns, University of Southern Maine
Policy Associate

Penthea Burns has worked with Tribal child welfare programs since 1999 related to improving state compliance with ICWA and strengthening tribal-state relations. She co-directs Maine-Wabanaki REACH, a tribal-state collaborative which seeks to promote truth, healing and change in the shared history and present day challenges between Native and non-Native people.  Penthea is a poet and raises Chinook dogs. She is blessed with a talented and loving son.



Janet Ciarico, Westat
CQI Lead

Janet Ciarico is the CQI lead and provides capacity building assistance on data and technology for the Center for Tribes.  She is also a senior data analyst for Westat.  Janet has worked at Westat in child welfare research and program evaluation for 20 years.  She enjoys assisting agency staff with using their data to improve the well-being and permanency outcomes of the children and families they serve.




Kathy Deserly, Tribal Law and Policy Institute
Programmatic Lead and Co-Directo

Kathy Deserly is the Co-Project Director for the Capacity Building Center for Tribes.

She has spent 34 years working on ICWA compliance issues as well as support of tribal child welfare systems. Her experience with State, Tribal and Native non-profit organization systems has given her perspective in how Native families are impacted by these child welfare systems.



Elizabeth Deserly, Tribal Law and Policy Institute
Capacity Building Coordination Specialist

Elizabeth Deserly (Kickapoo) serves as the CBCT Capacity Building Coordination Specialist and is responsible for coordinating capacity building technical assistance activities as well as being the point person for Tribes who wish to access services from the Center for Tribes. Elizabeth brings previous experience as the TA Coordination Specialist for the National Resource Center for Tribes. She and her husband, Matt (Assiniboine), live in Montana and are the parents of five children.




Laura Dyer, University of Southern Maine
Research Analyst

Laura Dyer has assisted in providing training and technical assistance to State, Tribal, and County child welfare programs since 2008. She enjoys working on knowledge sharing activities and developing products useful to those in the field. When not at work, she loves spending time with her family and going on adventures with her two young children.


Karla Eisen, Westat
Westat Project Director

Karla Eisen is the lead of the Westat team.  She is a senior Study Director at Westat with experience as a clinical social worker and community organizer.  For the past 20 years she has worked in social science research and program evaluation.  She spends most of her free time tending honeybees and in the garden.  She believes passionately in shared knowledge transfer between research and practice.



Marneena Evans, Westat
Research Analyst

Marneena Evans focuses on data and technology capacity building for the Center for Tribes.  She has worked in child welfare and human services research at Westat for 15 years. She believes sharing information strengthens programs, families, and communities.





Crystal French, University of Southern Maine
E-learning Specialist  

Crystal French is the e-Learning Specialist at USM Muskie School.  Crystal uses a wide variety of technical skills and creative approaches to her work developing online learning programs.  She enjoys creating aesthetically pleasing training modules that are engaging and barrier-free for all learners.



George Gabel, Westat
ior Advisor

George Gabel is a senior advisor for data and technology issues in child welfare for the Center for Tribes.  He is an experienced program evaluator for child welfare programs with 19 years at Westat.  Earlier in his life, he directed a residential camp for individuals with physical challenges and enjoyed many years as a docent at the Bronx Zoo. He hopes to find opportunities to support Tribes build capacity with new technologies.




Suzanne Garcia, Tribal Law and Policy Institute
Tribal Child Welfare Specialist

Suzanne M. Garcia is a Tribal Child Welfare Specialist for the Center for Tribes.  Previously, she was in-house counsel for the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California. Suzanne has provided legal advice and assistance about human services directly to individual clients and to Federally Recognized Indian Tribes for over fifteen years.  



Kathryn Kulbicki, Westat
Geographic Information Specialist (GIS) Analyst

Kathryn Kulbicki is the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Analyst for the Center of Tribes.  She has worked at Westat for the past 8 years and has been working on GIS and child welfare projects for the past 5 years.  She believes that geography and GIS can play an important role in making sure that children and families in any child welfare system receive the best services available.




Robin Leake, Butler Institute for Families, University of Denver
Project Co-Principal Investigator

Robin Leake is one of the Principal Investigators for the Center for Tribes, as well as the Director of Research and Evaluation for the Butler Institute for Families.  Robin is passionate about working with tribal child welfare programs to help build evaluation capacity and has worked on numerous evaluation projects with tribes, including the National Resource Center for Tribes.



Nancy Lucero, Butler Institute for Families, University of Denver
Evaluation Director

Nancy Lucero is committed to building capacity in tribal child welfare programs so these programs enhance the well-being of Native children, families, and communities, and support cultural preservation and tribal sovereignty. Nancy serves as Director of Evaluation for the Center for Tribes and is dedicated to research and evaluation that promotes Native voices, honors Native ways of knowing, and generates findings relevant to tribal people.



Jane Mettenburg, Westat
Senior Data Systems Analyst

Jane Mettenburg is a Senior Study Director at Westat with more than 40 years of experience in child welfare programs, policy, and data. She is the project director for the Michigan IV-E Waiver and Phase III Ohio IV-E Waiver Evaluation. She served as a director of program statistics and data analysis at the Texas human service agency for over 23 years, helping to build the first SACWIS for the state and representing the state on several federal technical advisory groups, including AFCARS and NCANDS. She believes that children should be the highest priority of any nation and that all children and families should be served with dignity and respect.



Cheryl Montoya, Westat
Data Systems Consultant

Cheryl Montoya is new to the Westat team. Most recently, Cheryl worked with the NRC-CWDT for 7 years as a part-time consultant working with IV-E Development Tribal grantees as well as other IV-B Tribes. Cheryl worked in New Mexico as a Management Analyst for 15 years and retired in December 2013.  She loves being a wife and Mom and has recently relocated to Texas.




Vanessa Nittoli, Westat
Research Assistant

Vanessa Nittoli is a Research Assistant at Westat for the past two years. The majority of her work is focused within the criminal justice field and she recently has started work within child welfare services. Favorite quote: “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … until you climb into his skin and walk around in it”. – To Kill a Mockingbird




Marshall Soloway, University of Southern Maine
Director of Technology

Marshall Soloway has managed and developed distance learning projects for over ten years. His passion lies with finding new technologies to assist in the skills development of public sector professionals. Marshall has his Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Management and has taught the course, Technology in the Public Sector, within the program. In his time away from work you will see him hiking, skiing, playing tennis, and enjoying his family time.  



Joe Walker, Tribal Law and Policy Institute
Tailored and Permanency Projects Manager

Joe Walker is an enrolled member of the Delaware Tribe of Western Oklahoma and currently serves as the Tailored and Permanency Projects Manager for the Capacity Building Center for Tribes (Center for Tribes).  Joe has served as a project evaluator and child protection investigator for many years. Previously, Joe served as a Tribal Child Welfare Specialist for the National Resource Center for Tribes.




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