Every person has the potential to inspire others to action.  Leadership is not necessarily associated with rank or position, but intrinsically tied to such qualities as spirit or energy, patience, perseverance, compassion, vision and innovation.  Leaders arise when they hold these principles close to their heart and operate from that center to benefit all for generations to come.  

The CBC for Tribes provides resources to support and nourish leadership development, such as:

  • Decision making
  • Integrating data
  • Secondary trauma
  • Adaptive leadership
  • Leading change in your program or community

What are your stories of leading change projects? What are your personal successes and challenges? How can you lead change so as to create communities where our children, youth and families feel safe and can connect to the core of who they are?

Leadership for Results

“Leadership for Results: Capacity Building” includes Alaska Native values/teachings and emphasizes that strong leadership—from all levels of society—is a key requirement in addressing issues that require substantial change. The project was piloted in 2015 with a group of Alaska Native leaders to help them strengthen their response to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in their villages. 
Arctic Winds Healing Winds, Alaska-based Non-Profit

Effective Leadership for Tribal Child Welfare

This guide, developed by NICWA, provides an overview on how to establish effective tribal governance and the role of tribal leadership in tribal child welfare systems.



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