Resource Library

This library contains over 200 articles and resources relevant to tribal child welfare, gathered from a wide variety of sources. It also includes all of the products developed by the Capacity Building Center for Tribes that you see featured on this website. We hope you find what you need!

Behavioral Health and Tribal Communities

Discusses the changes that are taking place in the field of behavioral health, particularly among tribal communities. Explores prevention, trauma and justice, health reform, and other issues important to American Indian and Alaska Native communities.  

Promoting Youth Voice in Indian Country

In social work, our focus is often on “helping” youth. However, our practice experience is filled with examples of how “helping” can silence youth voice, albeit with the best intentions. The value, power, and importance of youth voice cannot be understated. The lack...

Sample Tribal Code of Judicial Conduct

This is a template to help you create a Code of Judicial Conduct for your tribal court. This project has been initiated on behalf of the National Judicial College (NJC) and the National Tribal Judicial Center (NTJC). The project has used many sources to incorporate...

Jails in Indian Country, 2013

Presents findings from the 2013 Survey of Jails in Indian Country, an enumeration of 79 jails, confinement facilities, detention centers, and other correctional facilities operated by tribal authorities or the Bureau of Indian Affairs. This report examines the trends...